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Baguio: Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio is hailed as the summer capital of the Philippines and known as one of the industrialized cities in the Northern part of the Philippines.
Many people visit this city every summer because of its cold weather and attractive tourist spots. Based on the history of the city, it is the Americans, which recognized Baguio as one of the Philippine cities on June 1, 1903 at Kafagway.

Naguilian Highway, Marcos Highway and Kennon Road are the three accessible roads to the city. The most famous route to the city is Kennon Road, however, it is dangerous to take that route during the rainy season because the road is prone to land slides. In this case, travelers who want to visit the city is advised to travel by air since the city has an airport which is named as Loakan Airport.

Baguio City is a big city in the Northern region of the Philippines. Based on reports, the city has 130 barangays, which include the Session Road area, the barangay that is very popular for bars, restaurants and other business establishments that attract tourists and travelers to the area. Aside from the Session Road area, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay and Burnham Park are the other tourist attractions in the area.

For travelers who want to have a look at some tourist spots in city, they can also visit the vacation house of every Philippine president in Baguio. It is also exciting and luring to have a tour at some of the strawberry farms of the city. In addition, the city is also renowned for its top universities and colleges such as University of the Philippines Baguio, University of Baguio and Saint Louis University. Above all, Baguio is popular for Philippine Military Academy that is based on one of its barangays.

Many foreigners visit the place during February because it is the month in which the famous and luring Panagbenga Festival or Flower Festival is held. For those who want to visit the city during these times, they are advised to book in hotels in Baguio in advance. With the help of the Internet, players can visit Web sites that are created for travelers who want to have a background on the alluring tourist destinations in the city. The sites also have instant access to the places where travelers can stay when they visit Baguio. With these tools, tourists will surely enjoy their visit to the attractive city of the Philippines, the Baguio City.

Baguio Restaurants

A trip to Baguio is an adventure in itself for anyone's palette. There are many restaurants, diners, cafes, and bars where you can try the different flavors of Baguio City. Baguio is distinguished for its produce of fresh vegetables. It is interesting that the city, along with the entire Cordillera region, supplies the country's vegetable needs. However, this does not go on to mean that the people in Baguio are all vegetarians. To the contrary, a lot of the locals love to eat meat cooked in any way they can.

Mandarin Restaurant

For scrumptious crab meat, shark’s fin, noodles, and roasted duck tourists can’t go wrong with Mandarin Restaurant in Baguio at the corner of Session and Assumption Roads. Either dine there alone or in groups and enjoy delectable traditional Chinese food. Mandarin has been among pioneer eateries in the city along Session Road. A solo meal costs about Php 45 and a group meal of 5 or more persons costs at least Php 500. And don’t forget their rice toppings.
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Mario's Restaurant

Found along upper Session Road, Mario’s Restaurant in Baguio serves buffet-style dinner of Spanish, Greek, and other international cuisines. It also serves seafood like oysters, smoked salmon, baked mussels, and calamares (deep fried powdered squid or shrimp). And of course, there’s the ever-famous Mario’s steaks and tapas. Green veggie salads are also served.
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Muang Thai Restaurant

For appetizing and spicy Thai dishes with lots of authentic and curious-tasting Thai herbs, try Muang Thai Restaurant in Baguio. The shrimp salad coupled with steamed rice topped with a super tasty shrimp paste is sure to be an unforgettable dinner combination. Wansoy rich herbs, Tom Yum tasty soups, and Pad Thai noodles are excellent, so is the satay chicken grilled pieces on sticks with matching nutty sauce. Visit this restaurant in Baguio along Kisad Road.
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Tien-Tien Hotpot & Restaurant

This restaurant in Baguio is located along Leonard Wood Road. It serves Chinese-Singaporean soup cuisines in hotpot style with lots of veggies, mushrooms, and bean and soy curd ingredients. Fish and beef may also be included in a viand, according to one’s preference.
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Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop

Located on Session Road near Don Henrico’s, Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop offers great dinner cuisine options plus a selection of delightful cakes and pastries to go with a cup of hot coffee.
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Cow and Chicken Restaurant

When in the vicinity of Rimando Road in Baguio, tourists might as well try this restaurant in Baguio specializing in beef and chicken dishes, native and foreign. For staying body warmth and power to face challenges on the cool mountains, beef up the diet with delicious and steamy selections at Cow and Chicken Restaurant.
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Ganza Restaurant

For many people, lunch time at Burnham Park means a quick, simple, but tasty meal at Ganza Restaurant in Baguio. Folks who grew up in Baguio and regular visitors from early times will remember the predecessor of the new Ganza Restaurant.
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Cottage Gis

Located in the upper portion of Session Road, Cottage Gi’s Restaurant in Baguio serves among the tastier Filipino and International cuisines, cakes, and pastries in the city. Try Gi’s old-fashioned roast chicken, hungry man’s meals, strawberry short cake, ensaimada, layered cakes, and cakes for special events. There are also cottage package meals. The place is comfy and homey.
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Giligans Restaurant and Bar

This bar and restaurant in Baguio is located along Legarda Street near Burnham Park. Aside from good food the place is also suitable for social drinking in the evening. It is popular among young professionals as among good places for a Friday evening hangout.
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Ivy's Grill & Restaurant

A grill restaurant of Supreme Hotel on Magsaysay Avenue, Ivy’s Grill and Restaurant in Baguio offers barbeque and grilled meals with rice, as well as foreign and Filipino dishes. The place is elegant and appropriate for special events like birthday, baptismal, and wedding receptions. For tourists holding a family reunion, this is the place to go to.
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Near the Baguio Cathedral in Porta Vaga, Palizzata is a charming small bistro serving Tandori chicken. The place provides an eye-catching view of Session Road right below it. An average meal in this snug restaurant in Baguio costs about Php 300.
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Barrio Fiesta

At the balcony of Barrio Fiesta in Baguio City tourists will always find President Gloria Macapagal waving her hands at them—or more precisely, her statue, that is. Statues of prominent figures are found in the place. This intriguing restaurant in Baguio is known for superbly cooked chicken, beef, and pork native dishes. Aside from the usual beef and pata kare-kare, beef bulalo, and roast chicken, Barrio Fiesta also serves seafood galore.
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Forest House Bistro and Café

Found in the Loakan area near John Hay, this pleasant restaurant in Baguio is of wood planks and bricks that create a cottage-on-the-mountain ambiance. Look at mouth-watering cuisines available here: Forest House Oxtail dipped in mustard, Osso Bucco (tender beef with red sauce and anchovies), grilled prawns, and seafood kare-kare. Everything’s perfect here to tickle the appetite and eat more to ward off cold. And do try the super soft Belgian waffle and Lamb tapa for breakfast.
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Aresi's Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant in Baguio is located right inside SM Baguio Pines Hotel.
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Cathy’s Fastfood

Eating Chinese quick-fix but super delicious meals in a simple yet cozy eatery just like in early times is what diners get at Cathy’s Fastfood. Located on Diego Silang Street, an interior street in the Session Road area, the place may not look that appealing from the outside—what with the narrow street and vehicles parked side by side—yet, the tasty meals offered are cheap. Try Cathy’s rice toppings, mami noodles, siopao varieties, and other short orders. Tight-budgeted tourists and office employees, travelers in a hurry, along with many students, find this restaurant in Baguio ideal.
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Central Park Restaurant

Tourists looking for a restaurant in Baguio serving Chinese and Japanese food ought to try Central Park Restaurant on Carino Street near city hall. The place is warm and cheery with pleasant lights that enhance the bright colored walls. Diners can savor a lot of Asian noodle varieties served on huge bowls with chopsticks.
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Chico Japanese Cuisine

Also located on Carino Street at the Favis Building, this restaurant in Baguio serves various Japanese dishes from deep fried cuisines, grilled food, to raw dishes. Sashimi lovers looking for authentic Japanese food in Baguio would find Chico Japanese a welcome alternative to the usual Chinese or Filipino eateries.
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Pizza Riccio

Pizza Riccio serves hot Italian and French meals fitting on a cold day in Baguio City. Guests should try the superb pizza and lasagna of this quaint restaurant in Baguio right inside the Baden Powell Inn along Governor Pack Road. Being inside Pizza Riccio ( and Baden Powell Inn) seems like going back to the 50s. A regular size pizza (about 14-inch in diameter) costs about Php 350. Pizza Riccio delivers.
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Chiebas-Resto and Grill

For really juicy grilled food and side dishes that go with them, try this aromatic restaurant in Baguio called Chiebas-Resto/Grill. It is along Kisad Road in Baguio City. Pork, chicken, and beef grills are excellent dishes especially on the colder months of Baguio. On occasions, seafood grills are also available.
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Pizza Volante

This fantastic Italian restaurant in Baguio up Session Road is open 24 hours daily. Serving spicy pizzas and pastas, a regular size costs about Php 360. It delivers, serves breakfast, and has cheery music to accompany diners with. Payment can be through credit card and regular meals cost around Php 400.
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For native Filipino dishes that calms tummy cravings on cold days, try Ritos. Along Marcos Highway, it serves bulalo and crispy pata, among other pork dishes, the way they should be. This restaurant in Baguio also serves vegetable dishes, noodles, sandwiches, grill foods, goat meat, salads, and desserts. Soft drinks are also served in liter-size. A swell meal may cost about Php 150.
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Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl is among pioneer and posh restaurants in Baguio that practically grew up with the city. Here, family-style restaurant service is observed and authentic Chinese dishes with crunchy Baguio veggies are served. Most customers recommend its special chop suey. Located along Harrison Road, a regular meal in this stylish restaurant in Baguio may cost around Php 250.
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Star Café

A classic Chinese restaurant in Baguio is Star Café. Operating since 1940, it has a bakery frontage with superb loafs and the native “pandesal.” Try the empanada and cinnamon rolls, cheese bread, and ensaymada. Going further in, customers discover a simple yet cozy eatery—like how typical panciterias are. The chicken mami noodle is perfect, with a choice of either “asado” or meat ball “siopao.” Customers should also try the Star Rice topping. A regular order may cost Php 200.
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Café by the Ruins

Strolling near Baguio City Hall along Otek Street, tourists will never fail to find Café by the Ruins. The expertise of this restaurant in Baguio are ethnic Baguio dishes and drinks like mountain rice, native chicken, strawberry wine, and the like.
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O-Mai Khan

For hot and spicy Mongolian cuisines and grills cooked before customers, O-Mai Khan is the right place. A neighbor of Café by the Ruins, this restaurant in Baguio also serves fresh and crispy veggies to go with Mongolian barbecued dishes. A meal may cost Php 300.
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Atenara House

If you're looking for a good deal on a buffet meal you should go for the Atenara House along Navy Road/C. M. Recto. For less than P500 you can enjoy pasta, salad bar, and roast beef for an authentic western cuisine. However, if you're looking for something more ethnic then try Cafe by the Ruins along Otek Street. Prices in this cafe are around P300 average.
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Bliss Cafe

For those who are interested in trying something vegetarian the Bliss Cafe in Hotel Elizabeth prepares great veggies. The really impressive thing about this restaurant is that the food doesn't really taste anything like vegetables at all. And going back to Otek Street we have the all time favorite Mongolain barbecue of O'Mai Khan.
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Eve's Garden

Now, if you still haven't had enough of veggies then go look for Eve's Garden along Lamtang Road. They serve vegetables freshly picked, which is a wholesome treat for vegetarians. However, guests need reservations to dine. Meals in this restaurant are a bit pricey around P650, however, the experience of Eve's Garden will be worth the cost.
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Little John's

If you want to bring your and give them a treat then head on to Camp John Hay where Little John's is located. Kids will have the prime opportunity to color the menu as they wait for their chocolate fondue.
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Jonjan's Restaurant

Located on Magsaysay Avenue, Jonjan’s Restaurant in Baguio City proper offers a snug place for dining right in the heart of the city. Fascinating food menus are available from simple short orders of sandwiches and coffee, to heavy dinner meals of beef, pork, fresh and crunchy Baguio veggies, or fish varieties.
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Korean Bulgogi Restaurant

For sliced and spicy beef rice toppings, try Korean Bulgogi restaurant in Baguio along Loakan Road in the outskirts of the City. Korean bulgogi beef varieties come in sweetened barbecue beef in sesame oil, marinated fried beef, hot and spicy beef, and teriyaki bulgogi beef. Enjoy here authentic Korean beef steamy rice toppings in a cozy Korean ambient atmosphere.
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Here's a word of warning when figuring out where to eat in Baguio. Like any other place in the country, the place also has its own small food stalls set up by some of the locals where they sell home cooked meals. The food is kept in display in aluminum containers and stand in room temperature. You can never be too sure if the food served here is hygienically prepared. Only eat in places where food is properly well-prepared, either way, you'll be paying the same amount as if you dined full-service restaurants anyway.

Talking about the food prices in Baguio, you can be sure that the food and meal costs will fit anyone's budget. You'll find lots of wallet-friendly places to dine for those who go around on a shoe string budget. You'll also have a wide variety of options when picking a place to eat. There will always be those fast food franchises in the malls. However, for people who would love to sample the northern Philippine cuisine, you can find a lot of places where you can get the authentic Baguio taste.

The following restaurants mentioned above are only a small representative showcase of places to dine that consistently gives wonderful service, serves good food, and represents the different flavors of Baguio. Some notable food that is part of the unique Baguio taste include pinikpikan, which is a native chicken dish, etag, salted meat with the flavor quite the equivalent of blue cheese. For those more adventurous they can try the local blood sausage known as pinuneg.

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